Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where And How To Sell And Market Your Plant Material That You Grow?

As I was writing in the previous articles about how to propagate plants by rooted cuttings, and to grow your own plants for a profit in a small space, now you might want to know how and where to sell your own plant material to create a solid and steady income.

Some people believe that it is too much trouble and too much work to get started and to put your foot in the door, so to speak, to be successful in this business.

Or that it takes too long and it's too complicated to achieve a level of success. And this gardening and landscaping industry requires a lot of expertise.

Actually that's not really the case. There is not too much trouble and it is not that complicated as some folks want to make it. Considering the vast resources of information available at your finger tips on the internet related to the gardening industry, you can access anything you need in a mater of minutes in the search engines.

If you like gardening and working with nature it is fun and easy. It is relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable, and very rewarding.

So don't hang around with the naysayers that will just hold you back from achieving your dreams! Think positive, dream, and act upon it. That's right, take action and keep going! Believe in yourself and in what you are doing. That's what's going to make you successful!

If you are reading this article, it means that you are interested in growing plants for a hobby or for profit, so you are at the right place and at the right time.

It is never too late to start. And once you've started to grow your plants, let's find out how and where to sell them. Even if you don't have a large variety as of yet, you can still sell what you have available as you grow them.

First, make a little home made sign on a piece of plywood or cardboard and write on both sides of it 'Plants For Sale' and nail it on a stake that you drive in the ground in front of your property, so that it can be visible from both directions of the traffic.

Set a table and fill it up with some plant material you have for sale, to create interest from your neighbors and the people that pass by. Or you can set them right on the ground, as long as the plants are visible. You'll be surprised how many will stop! People loves plants!

If you grow some blooming plants, that would be a fantastic way to draw the buyers to your little plant growing and selling operation.

"The Pink Hydrangea"

Another way to sell your plants is to find a spot at an intersection with heavy traffic, preferable at a 4 way stop, or at traffic lights. While people stop they will look, and even if they don't stop right then at your stand, they are likely to come back or tell others about you!

If you can't set up every day, try to be there on certain days of the week, so people will expect to see you at those particular days.

Flea Markets are a great place to sell your plant material, since there are people that go though with the intent to buy. Once you get established and known for the quality and variety of plants you offer, you will build a healthy repeat business, that is priceless!

You can also look to EBay and see for yourself the vast possibilities that they offer to sell your plant material. Of course, you'll have to be prepared to pay some hefty fees, and have the shipping supplies and other requirements in place to operate your business.

Another way to sell your plants is to approach some local business and ask permission to sell in front of their store. This could work well for benefiting both; you and the owner of the business, by attracting some extra traffic to their store, that otherwise would not stop, if they were not attracted to your plants stand.

Now you can see that it is not that hard or too complicated to sell your plant material for a profit. It is okay to have some doubts, but now since you know that it can be done, there is nothing to stand in your way, except you!

This is true. It is not something that I read or heard about. I tried and experimented it myself, and I'm speaking as one who have done it and achieved a great level of success. It requires commitment, determination, and action.

The possibilities of making a serious and steady income from growing plants is incredible! If you want it or not, you will have to grow and expand. Provided that you are taking good care of your plants they are growing while you sleeping, and you must step them up in larger containers, and sell for a higher price.

Now since you have a pretty good idea as how and where to sell your plant material, I will write some articles to give you some ideas about what to grow to be more successful and profitable.

We will talk about growing blooming plants, and specifically bedding plants. It is good to dream, make plans, stay informed and take action!

Until next time,

Mike Borlovan


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